Several parameters of meiosis have been studied in cultured anthers of Trillium erectum. The accessibility of labeled substrates to meiotic cells and the fate of these substrates in relation to meiotic stage have been determined. Evidence has been adduced for the synthesis of RNA and protein during the meiotic cycle well after chromosome duplication. The effect of interfering with systems directly or indirectly connected with protein formation has been studied by means of chloramphenicol, 8-azaguanine, 5-methyltryptophan, and ethionine. Administration of these reagents at different intervals in the cycle elicits correspondingly different responses thereby indicating a periodicity in the activities of different systems. The following processes have been shown to be affected in these experiments: chromosome segregation, chromosome morphology, cytokinesis, wall synthesis, and enzyme appearance. The possibility of experimentally altering the normal sequence of events has also been shown.

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