We have molecularly cloned and sequenced a rat liver nuclear pore complex (NPC) protein of calculated molecular mass of 155 kD. Consistent with recently proposed nomenclature this protein is termed nucleoporin 155, or nup155. Unlike other nups that have so far been molecularly cloned and sequenced, nup155 does not contain repetitive sequence domains. It does not show similarity to the sequences of other proteins, including any nups, so far compiled in the data bases. Like other vertebrate nups which have been characterized nup155 possesses abundant (46 in total) consensus sites for various kinases. By immunoelectron microscopy, nup155 is associated with both the nucleoplasmic and the cytoplasmic aspect of the NPC and is therefore possibly a component of the symmetrically arranged NPC substructures. In mitotic cells, nup155 assumes a diffuse cytoplasmic distribution. Nup155 is among the integral of 30 proteins that were extracted from rat liver nuclear envelopes by 2.0 M urea/1.0 mM EDTA, separated from WGA-reactive proteins by WGA-Sepharose and further subfractionated by SDS-hydroxylapatite. These proteins are potential candidates for being nups.

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