We have studied the relationship between the timing of the late meiotic events that occur during progesterone-induced oocyte maturation, and intracellular protein transport. We have monitored the secretion of chick oviduct proteins from Xenopus laevis oocytes microinjected with polyadenylated mRNA and found that chick ovalbumin and lysozyme are not secreted during the second meiotic metaphase, in contrast to the earlier prophase stage. Maturation had no detectable effect on the glycosylation of ovalbumin, whereas it affected the glycosylation of chick ovomucoid. As maturation proceeded, the Golgi apparati disappeared in a polarized fashion, beginning in the vegetal half. This disappearance coincided temporally and spatially with that of the nuclear envelope. We speculate that Golgi apparatus disappearance and the block in secretion are causally related.

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