Ovomucoid messenger RNA (mRNAom) comprises approximately 8% of the total mRNA in the estrogen-stimulated oviduct. The recombinant plasmid pOM100 contained DNA complementary to the 3' end of mRNAom. DNA complementary to the 5' end of mRNAom was obtained from a partially purified preparation of mRNAom by polymerization by reverse transcriptase in the presence of a restriction fragment primer from pOM100. The complementary DNA mixture was amplified by molecular cloning using poly dG/dC tailing to form recombinant bacterial plasmids. Recombinant plasmids containing ovomucoid DNA sequences were selected by in situ hybridization to 32P-labeled pOM100 fragments. The longest plasmid containing ovomucoid DNA sequences was designated pOM502. The complete DNA sequence of both pOM100 and pOM502 was determined. The two plasmids appear to contain sequences complementary to the entire length of mRNAom. The nucleic acid sequence agrees with the known amino acid sequences for both ovomucoid and its N-terminal signal peptide. Highly homologous sequences occur in two regions that coincide with structural domains of the protein. Comparison of the sequence of mRNAom with that for other eucaryotic mRNAs allowed identification of possible functional regions in the mRNA molecule.

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