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    Cover picture: Control of calcium release in heart muscle: top, EKG of a mouse with CPVT transitions from sinus rhythm through extrasystoles (arrows) to bidirectional tachycardia; middle, a calcium spark and its intra-SR blink reflect calcium release at the multimolecular couplon; bottom, the newly resolved near-atomic structure of the calcium release channel boosts understanding of channel diastolic hyperactivity leading to CPVT. The cover is composed of unpublished images, records, and design ideas from Lothar A. Blatter, Mark B. Cannell, S.R. Wayne Chen, Angela Dulhunty, Sándor Györke, Björn Knollmann, Rafael Mejía-Álvarez, Eduardo Ríos, Eric A. Sobie, and Filip Van Petegem. Final design by Rochelle Ritacco.

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ISSN 0022-1295
EISSN 1540-7748
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Five groups of experts unravel the complex modulation of a function crucial for the beating heart.

Cannell and Kong discuss the different termination mechanisms proposed for CICR in cardiac myocytes.

Sobie et al. highlight unresolved issues concerning the regulation of sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium release in cardiac myocytes.

Blatter discusses the initiation and spread of Ca release, Ca store depletion, and release termination in atrial myocytes.

Jones et al. propose that SR luminal Ca2+ regulates RyR2 activity via a luminal Ca2+ sensor distinct from the cytosolic Ca2+ sensor.

Györke et al. discuss the role of sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca2+ in cardiac refractoriness and pathological implications.


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