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The ATP synthase is a molecular rotor that recycles ADP into ATP. Leone and Faraldo-Gómez use structural modeling to reinterpret and reconcile recent cryo-EM data for its membrane domain with other experimental evidence, gaining insights into its mechanism and the mode of inhibition by oligomycin.

Models of cellular contraction, for example, in striated muscle, usually involve mass action kinetics. Mijailovich et al. implement spatially explicit actomyosin interactions in the Monte Carlo platform MUSICO and show the extent to which myosin tethering affects other biological parameters.

A “glymphatic mechanism” has been proposed to mediate convective fluid transport from para-arterial to paravenous extracellular space in the brain. Jin et al. model such a system and find that diffusion, rather than convection, can account for the transport of solutes.

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