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RyR3 is the major component of parajunctional feet in skeletal muscle and the main ryanodine receptor mediating Ca2+ sparks.

The BK β1 subunit displaces the unique S0 transmembrane helix on the intracellular side of BK α but not on the extracellular side, thereby altering its path through the membrane.

A glutamate at position 290 in the human Kv7.1 S5-pore linker is required for its inhibition by high concentrations of extracellular potassium.

Rhodopsin kinase and its calcium-dependent inhibitor recoverin regulate decay of light-activated phosphodiesterase activity, enabling rods to respond rapidly to changes in light intensity in the presence of background light.

The serotonin mediating autoinhibition of neurons in the raphe nucleus is released from a nonvesicular pool.


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