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Research Articles

Localized calcium release from ryanodine-sensitive stores in large dense core vesicles may modulate secretion of neuropeptides from neurohypophysial terminals.

Extracellular anions more permeant than Cl modulate TMEM16B gating to promote channel opening, whereas less permeant anions favor channel closure.

Functional acid-sensing ion channels are present in olfactory bulb neurons and may contribute to normal olfaction.

After illumination, rod photoreceptors show a paradoxical increase in sensitivity to light.

VcINDY, a bacterial homolog of transporters implicated in lifespan in fruit flies and insulin resistance in mammals, is a high affinity, electrogenic, Na+-dependent dicarboxylate transporter.

The ATP activation signal in trimeric P2X2 receptors propagates down individual subunits before spreading to all three at the level of the pore.

T-tubule uncoupling from the plasma membrane leads to myocardial contractile abnormalities.

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