Volume 147, No. 2, February 1, 2016. Pages 137–152.

The Journal of General Physiology regrets mistakes that appeared in the original publication of this paper, as the result of production errors. The equation in the first paragraph of Materials and methods section Data analysis did not include τ1. The paragraph with the corrected equation reads as “The time course of Orai1 current inactivation was fitted with the biexponential function I = I0 + A1et/τ1 + A2et/τ2, where I is current, I0 is the steady-state current, A1 and A2 are amplitudes, and τ1 and τ2 are inactivation time constants.”

Also, Fig. 6 B was originally published with three traces instead of four traces. The corrected file appears below.

The HTML and PDF versions of this article have been changed to reflect these corrections.