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Guidelines for Graphical Abstracts

We encourage authors to include a Graphical Abstract with their manuscript. A Graphical Abstract is a single, concise, and self-explanatory visual summary of the main findings of the article that should capture the content of the article at a single glance. Think of the Graphical Abstract as a single PowerPoint slide that tells the story of your manuscript. Graphical Abstracts are optional.

Graphical Abstracts are displayed in the article HTML display but not in the PDF or print. Graphical Abstracts are also featured in the journal’s social media campaigns.

How to create a Graphical Abstract

A Graphical Abstract:
  • Is simple but informative
  • Points to the most important, take-home finding
  • Tells a story with a start and end
  • Is scientifically valid, serious, and respectful
  • Is entirely original unpublished artwork created by the authors
  • Can include text that highlight the findings of the study in bullet points (due to size constraints, no more than 2 bullet points of 10–12 words each)
It should avoid including:
  • Excess of details
  • Findings from previous literature
  • Speculative conclusions
  • Data



  • Graphical Abstracts should be submitted as a single high-resolution (300 dpi or greater) image file; preferred file types are .tif, .jpg, or .eps
  • Font: Please use Arial, Helvetica, or Symbol font in 8 pt, with 5 pt for sub- and superscript. Lines and strokes should be between 0.5 and 1 pt.
  • Colors: The use of color is encouraged. Color figures should be in RGB format. When available, use Adobe RGB 
  • Label the graphic “Graphical Abstract”

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