Sciatic nerves of rhesus monkeys infected with CAM and Wis. '45 strains of human poliomyelitis virus were fixed in formalin, sectioned, fragmented, and examined in the electron microscope.

Most of the neurotubules of nerves infected with the CAM strain have normal appearance but a very small number show the presence of dense particles irregularly aligned within the edges of the neurotubules. The diameters of the particles range between 160 and 500 Å, the mean being 330 Å. The particles were found in regions along the nerve which varied with the time after infection, indicating a central movement of the morphological alteration of the order of 2 mm. per hour.

Relatively abundant dense particulate material was found in nerves infected with Wis. '45 strain virus and the particles were chiefly attached to the edges of the neurotubules and in the adjacent areas of the field.

The dense particles appear to be associated with the virus infection but no further characterization is possible at this time.

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