Rabbits were infected with B virus in the right gastrocnemius muscle and both sciatic nerves were fixed and analyzed under the electron microscope, after periods varying between 26 and 144 hours.

Starting at 72 hours, a few neurotubules of the right sciatic show the presence of spherical particles, ranging between 300 and 600 Å. The number and size of the particles increase with time and appear to reach a maximum at 144 hours when the paralysis starts. At this moment also the proximal part of the left sciatic nerve shows the presence of dense particles. The relation of the particles with the periodic structure of the neurotubules was studied both in preparations stained in phosphotungstic acid and those shadowed with chromium. The small and medium sized particles are located within the edges of the neurotubules, and the large particles appear to be attached to the neurotubules.

The possible significance of the dense particles is discussed.

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