The blood pressure and pulse rate of 90 normal rabbits have been studied for various periods of time, from 1 day (accidental death interrupting the observation) to 15 months. The main data are presented in a table containing the blood pressure and pulse rate on the 1st day of observation, the maximum and minimum of both during the entire period of observation of each animal, together with the sex and weight of the animal. Separate tables are given showing the distribution of blood pressure, pulse rate and the "maximum" blood pressure by animals. Detailed data on two animals observed for the longest time are given in tabular form. The anatomical changes that occur in some carotids enclosed in a loop are described and discussed. Considerations on "excitement" and pathological conditions which arise spontaneously in rabbits are given. A criterion for a pathologically high blood pressure in rabbits is proposed.

The blood pressure of the normal rabbit ranges between 70 and 170 mm. Hg. The pulse rate, taken simultaneously with the blood pressure, fluctuates between 112 and 300 per minute.

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