The production of an experimental uremia in the albino rat by removal of both kidneys is followed by hypertrophy of the adrenal glands. In the case of male rats 90 days of age this adrenal enlargement amounted to 65 per cent and in the case of female rats 180 days of age 47 per cent.

The increase in the size of the whole gland is due entirely to hypertrophy of the cortex. This increase in the volume of cortical tissue amounted to approximately 40 per cent for males and 61 per cent for females and was due in large part to an increase in the size of the cells.

The content of water and material soluble in fat solvents was higher in the uremic than the control glands. However after subtraction of such storage materials a true hypertrophy of the cortex still remained. It amounted to 21 per cent.

Histologically the stainable fat had a more irregular distribution and was present in lesser amount in the adrenals from the uremic animals. The capillaries of the medulla and reticular cortex were distended. The nuclei of both the cortical and medullary cells were swollen and stained faintly.

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