A microorganism cultivated in the course of experiments with the virus of hog cholera shows the following points of interest.

It is pleomorphic in extreme degree.

Among the forms are coccoid and bacillary bodies at the lower limits of visibility.

The culture can be completely regenerated after filtration through some Berkefeld N filters although these retain Bacillus abortus (Bang).

The culture is carried forward by multiplication of forms of easy visibility (1.5µ).

Associated with these at times are still larger forms bearing a striking general resemblance to those yeasts which develop abortive mycelia.

Motile bacillary forms appear to arise as buds or branches from round or ovoid cocci.

While cognizance is taken of possible alternatives the microorganism is provisionally classified with the yeasts and recognizing its filterability is named Schizosaccharomyces filtrans.

The culture is not pathogenic for swine.

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