The authors regret that in the original version of Fig. 1 B, the legend should have stated n = 3–5 mice per group, not 4–5 mice per group. In addition, the P value for the 1-mo CD150lo time point should have been **, P < 0.01, not ****, P < 0.0001. The corrected figure and legend are shown here. The authors also clarify that the P values in Fig. 2, E–G; Fig. 5, A–C and F–I; Fig. 6, F–J; Fig. 7, D–H; Fig. 8; and Fig. 9, A–C, E–K, and M–P depict results derived from the unpaired Student’s t test. The one-way ANOVA indicated in the legends was employed to confirm that the depicted differences were significant in multi-comparison testing. The errors in Fig. 1 appear in print and in PDFs downloaded before December 3, 2020.

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