Vol. 210, No. 2, February 11, 2013 Pages 225–232.

The authors regret that an affiliation was left out of the acknowledgments. The text has been corrected in the PDF and HTML versions as it appears below:

We thank N. Liu, M. Zhang, Y. Wang, and L. Levine for assistance in developing Spi2A−/− mice, and L. Degenstein for blastocyst injections. The expert efforts by R. Asch, S. Su, and E. Jachimowicz in characterization of primary EPCs are also gratefully acknowledged. C57BL/6 ES cells were obtained from Primogenix, Inc.

Investigations were supported by National Institutes of Health (NIH) R01DK089439 and R01HL044491 (D. Wojchowski), R01AI04508 (P.G. Ashton-Rickardt), and grants from The Wellcome Trust and Cancer Research UK (P.G. Ashton-Rickardt). Additional support was provided by Maine Medical Center Research Institute (MMCRI) core facilities in Progenitor Cell Analysis, and Molecular Phenotyping (as supported by NIH 8P20GM103465; D. Wojchowski). The authors also thank MMCRI’s Vascular Biology Center (NIH 8P30GM103392) for confocal microscopy core support, and the University of Vermont Medical School Microarray Facility together with Dr. Aishwarya Narayanan (Strand Life Sciences) for assistance with Affymetrix array analyses.

The authors have no conflicting financial interests.