Vol. 204, No. 4, April 16, 2007. Pages 853–863.

Please note that an error appeared in Fig. 4 B, which displays the genomic sequence with the Unc13djinx point mutation. The sequence displayed in Fig. 4 B is from the minus strand (The NCBI GenBank reference assembly for the linear genomic DNA sequence of Unc13d [Locus NC_000077] is considered the plus strand). The indicated mutation is correct, but the indicated position of the resulting new donor splice site is incorrect. The correct position of the mutation and new donor splice site within intron 26, shown in the plus strand, is below:

11311 ctccaaggct cacgagtCag tggcatgttg 11340 (C57BL/6J)

11311 ctccaaggct cacgagtAag tggcatgttg 11340 (jinx)

The sequence shown is from GenBank genomic region NC_000077 for the linear genomic DNA sequence of Unc13d. The mutated C is shown in a bold capital letter, and the new donor splice site is underlined.