The rat mAbs R52.120 and R52.625 inhibit the action of IL-5 on both IL-5-sensitive cell lines and freshly isolated splenic B lymphocytes. Neither antibody inhibits the proliferative cell responses promoted by IL-2, IL-3, or IL-4. Purified R52.120+ lymphoid spleen cells contain 15-20-fold higher numbers of B lymphocytes responding to IL-5 in the form of maturation into antibody-producing cells. By immunofluorescence staining and flow fluorocytometry, the R52.120 and R52.625 antibodies bound to all 12 IL-5-sensitive cell lines tested. Both antibodies react with 2-4% cells in the spleen, 5% lymphoid cells, and 10-15% myeloid cells in the bone marrow, and 10-14% in the peritoneum of C57BL/6, DBA/2, and BALB/c adult mice. No positive cells for either antibody were detected in the thymus and lymph nodes of these mice. Both R52.120 and R52.625 antibodies specifically inhibit the binding of radiolabeled IL-5 to its receptor. Finally, R52.120 and R52.625 antibodies precipitate from 35S-methionine-labeled IL-5-R+ cell lysates three proteins with Mr 46,000, 130,000, and 140,000. Taken together from these results, we conclude that the R52.120 and R52.625 mAbs recognize epitopes on the IL-5-R complex very close or identical to the IL-5 binding sites.

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