1. By introducing intravenously into dogs a solution of 5 per cent. ether in normal saline (0.9 per cent.), a satisfactory surgical anesthesia can be produced.

2. Associated with this anesthesia a glycosuria occurs in healthy adult dogs fed on a meat diet.

3. Normal saline (0.9 per cent.) introduced in exactly the same manner does not cause a glycosuria.

4. The glycosuria is, in general, associated with a hyperglycemia.

5. The glycosuria does not make its appearance until the condition of anesthesia has been produced.

6. The intravenous method of producing anesthesia employed in our studies eliminates largely the factor of asphyxia.

7. Consequently by this mode of administration ether may cause glycosuria without asphyxia.

8. The addition of ether to normal saline (0.9 per cent.) solution modifies the property of the latter to produce diuresis.

9. Associated with the intravenous administration of both the saline and the ether-saline solutions there occurs a rise of body temperature.

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