Mta-specific cytotoxic T lymphocyte (CTL) can be generated in primary cultures of (NZB X B10.D2)F1 spleen cells with H-2-compatible BALB/c stimulator cells. The CTL lyse reciprocal Mta+ (B10.D2 X NZB)F1 as well as H-2-disparate targets, such as B10, B6, and B6-Tlaa; they do not lyse targets from NZB or any F1 hybrid of an NZB mother. The lysis of 51Cr-labeled B10 targets is completely inhibited by unlabeled targets from Mta+ (B10.D2 X NZB)F1, but not from the reciprocal Mta- F1, thus demonstrating H-2-unrestricted lysis of Mta.

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