Anti-idiotypic antibodies were prepared against two monoclonal anti-H-2Kk antibodies, 11-4.1 and 3-83P. These reagents were used to examine idiotype (Id) expression on anti-H-2Kk antibodies induced by the in vivo administration of the anti-idiotypic antibodies and/or H-2Kk antigen. Treatment of BALB/c mice with anti-Id induced both antigen-binding and nonantigen-binding Id-positive molecules in the absence of antigen. The level of production of anti-Id-induced Id (Id') has been shown to be linked to VH genes using allotype congenic mice and backcross analyses. The idiotypes expressed on the Id' induced in anti-Id-treated mice were closely related or identical to those of the original monoclonal anti-H-2Kk antibody. However, the idiotopes were present on immunoglobulins of different subclasses and in some cases were not all expressed on the same molecules, as reflected by differences in their antigen specificities and isoelectric focusing patterns. In vivo administration of anti-Id had a marked influence on the subsequent humoral response to immunization with H-2 antigen.

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