The development of IgG L-glutamic Acid60-L-alanine30-L-tyrosine10 (GAT)-specific plaque-forming cell responses in vitro by virgin and immune (responder X nonresponder)F1 spleen cells after stimulation with responder and nonresponder parental GAT-macrophages (Mphi) was investigated. Virgin F1 spleen cells developed comparable primary responses to both parental GAT-Mphi. By contrast, F1 spleen cells from mice immunized with GAT or responder parental GAT-Mphi developed secondary responses after stimulation with only responder parental GAT-Mphi. Spleen cells from F1 mice immunized with nonresponder parental GAT-Mphi developed secondary responses to these GAT-Mphi, but failed to respond to responder parental GAT-Mphi. These results are discussed in the context of genetic restrictions regulating Mphi-T-cell interactions in secondary antibody responses and the possible expression of Ir-gene function in Mphi.

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