The protein in the properdin pathway responsible for conversion of precursor factor D to D has been isolated and found to be identical with properdin. Sequential ion exchange and gel filtration chromatography demonstrated identity between properdin protein, measured by radial immunodiffusion, and the capacity to activate D to D, assessed by formation of the intermediate, EAC43B(D). Properdin, purified in this manner, was homogeneous on acid polyacrylamide disc gel electrophoretic analysis, with the band of protein corresponding to the position of eluates in the replicate gel capable of activating highly purified D. Demonstration of the homogeneity of purified D by alkaline disc gel electrophoresis, coupled with the linear stoichiometric hemolytic titrations of each factor, indicates that direct interaction between properdin and D generates D. Thus, activation of D by properdin represents a mechanism in the properdin pathway by which D becomes available for formation of the C3b-dependent C3 convertase.

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