Blood plasma obtained from an individual with abnormal thromboplastin formation, due to deficiency of Fletcher factor, was fully corrected by 2% of normal, Hageman factor- or PTA-deficient plasma. It was also reconstituted by addition of highly purified human or rabbit prekallikrein. The plasma failed to generate kinin upon exposure to kaolin, a defect which was also corrected by addition of prekallikrein. Prekallikrein antigen was not detectable in this plasma.

Fletcher factor-deficient plasma did not support the normal generation of PF/dil when dilute plasma was incubated in glass vessels and injected intracutaneously. Small quantities of Fletcher factor-deficient or Hageman factor-deficient plasma corrected the ability of the other to generate PF/dil.

The formation of plasmin in dilute, acidified plasma incubated with kaolin was also abnormal in Fletcher factor-deficient plasma. Plasmin generation was normalized by addition of prekallikrein or small quantities of Hageman factor-deficient plasma.

The data support the identity of Fletcher factor and prekallikrein.

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