The lymph node cells from all L-glutamic acid and L-tyrosine (GT) responder random-bred guinea pigs were susceptible to lysis by strain 2 anti-strain 13 isoantisera in the presence of complement. These same antisera were cytolytic for lymph node cells of only some of the GT nonresponder animals. However, after absorption with cells, from a nonresponder guinea pig, susceptible to lysis, the anti-strain 13 antisera were no longer able to lyse cells from any GT nonresponder guinea pigs while retaining a large measure of their cytolytic activity for cells of all GT responder guinea pigs. Thus, at least two major strain 13 histocompatibility specificities are expressed on the cells of random-bred guinea pigs. The genetic locus controlling the expression of only one of those strain 13 histocompatibility specificities is linked to the GT immune response gene.

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