Eight antigens of 7S γ2-immunoglobulins controlled by alleles at a single locus Ig-1, have been identified in mice. This locus has previously been shown to determine antigenic specificities on the F fragments of 7S γ2a-globulins. The reactions of these antigens with various isoantisera have shown that the antigens all cross react with one another.

New methods for the analysis of antigenic specificities of soluble proteins are presented in detail. A sensitive method for detecting in the order of 0.01 µg of these isoantigens has been developed, based on the quantitative inhibition of precipitation of I125-labeled antigen.

Cross-reactions of the antigens were analysed in inhibition assays and the data is compatible with the existence of a minimum of eight antigenic specificities. Each of the antigens is composed of different combinations of these specificities, with only one antigen having a specificity not present in any other.

Sixty-eight mouse strains have been tested with specific isoantisera, and on the basis of the results, have been placed into the eight allele groups.

Evidence for close genetic linkage of the Ig-1 locus and 11 chromosome markers has been sought and not found.

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