Talin critically controls integrin-dependent cell migration, but its regulatory role in skin dendritic cells (DCs) during inflammatory responses has not been investigated. Here, we show that talin1 regulates not only integrin-dependent Langerhans cell (LC) migration, but also MyD88-dependent Toll-like receptor (TLR)–stimulated DC activation. Talin1-deficient LCs failed to exit the epidermis, resulting in reduced LC migration to skin-draining lymph nodes (sdLNs) and defective skin tolerance induction, while talin1-deficient dermal DCs unexpectedly accumulated in the dermis despite their actomyosin-dependent migratory capabilities. Furthermore, talin1-deficient DCs exhibited compromised chemotaxis, NFκB activation, and proinflammatory cytokine production. Mechanistically, talin1 was required for the formation of preassembled TLR complexes in DCs at steady state via direct interaction with MyD88 and PIP5K. Local production of PIP2 by PIP5K then recruited TIRAP to the preassembled complexes, which were required for TLR signalosome assembly during DC activation. Thus, talin1 regulates MyD88-dependent TLR signaling pathways in DCs through a novel mechanism with implications for antimicrobial and inflammatory immune responses.

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