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Cellular Neurobiology 2018

Cellular neurobiology aims to elucidate the development, structure, and function of the numerous individual cell types which comprise the neural circuits controlling an animal?s perception, locomotion, behavior, and systemic function and homeostasis. In addition, understanding the cell biology of these neurons and glia serves to inform efforts to develop therapeutic responses to injury and disease. In this collection, the editors have selected some of the most exciting cellular neurobiology research published in the Journal of Cell Biology over the past year.

The papers highlighted here represent a broad selection of topics and provide new and important insight into a number of neural cell biological processes and mechanisms which act both during normal development and in disease. Some key findings include: linking defects in axonal lysosome trafficking with APP processing and Αβ production in Alzheimer's disease; elucidating the role of Myo1b in mediating neuronal polarity and axonogenesis via the regulation of actin waves; demonstrating that peripheral myelination requires de novo non-essential fatty acid synthesis; and illuminating the mechanisms by which astrocytes shape the maturation of cortical synapses.

This collection of high-quality, cutting-edge neuroscience research is a testament to the ingenuity and hard work of our authors as well as the diligence and insight of our referees who invest their time and energy into the peer review process, enhancing the work that appears in the pages of the Journal of Cell Biology. We hope that you enjoy this work presented here and welcome any questions or feedback via email ( or social media (@JCellBiol).

Image © 2018 Yap et al.

Special Collection Image
W. Christopher Risher; Namsoo Kim; Sehwon Koh; Ji-Eun Choi; Petar Mitev; Erin F. Spence; Louis-Jan Pilaz; Dongqing Wang; Guoping Feng; Debra L. Silver; Scott H. Soderling; Henry H. Yin; Cagla Eroglu
Vanitha Nithianandam; Cheng-Ting Chien
Erica J. Hutchins; Marianne E. Bronner
Chan Choo Yap; Laura Digilio; Lloyd P. McMahon; A. Denise R. Garcia; Bettina Winckler
Xiu-Tang Cheng; Yu-Xiang Xie; Bing Zhou; Ning Huang; Tamar Farfel-Becker; Zu-Hang Sheng
Olga Iuliano; Azumi Yoshimura; Marie-Thérèse Prospéri; René Martin; Hans-Joachim Knölker; Evelyne Coudrier
Juliette J. Lee; Alvaro Sanchez-Martinez; Aitor Martinez Zarate; Cristiane Benincá; Ugo Mayor; Michael J. Clague; Alexander J. Whitworth
Laura Montani; Jorge A. Pereira; Camilla Norrmén; Hartmut B.F. Pohl; Elisa Tinelli; Martin Trötzmüller; Gianluca Figlia; Penelope Dimas; Belinda von Niederhäusern; Rachel Schwager; Sebastian Jessberger; Clay F. Semenkovich; Harald C. Köfeler; Ueli Suter
Swetha Gowrishankar; Yumei Wu; Shawn M. Ferguson
Istvan Foldi; Niki Anthoney; Neale Harrison; Monique Gangloff; Brett Verstak; Mohanakarthik Ponnadai Nallasivan; Samaher AlAhmed; Bangfu Zhu; Mark Phizacklea; Maria Losada-Perez; Marta Moreira; Nicholas J. Gay; Alicia Hidalgo
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