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Cell Division 2018

Mitosis and meiosis require the timely coordination of signaling cascades, membrane remodeling complexes, and cytoskeletal machineries to ensure the proper distribution and inheritance of genetic material, molecules, and organelles. Defects in this process result in important and diverse consequences, notably in the context of cancer and developmental disorders, illustrating the complexity of cell division and its regulation.

In this special collection, JCB Board member Rebecca Heald and Senior Scientific Editor Melina Casadio are bringing together a selection of recent, exciting developments in the field that were published in JCB. The collection is composed of papers our readers most downloaded and papers we editorially selected to represent the range of subfields relevant to cell division. We include primary research papers and review articles that delve into the crosstalk between motors, microtubules and signaling molecules during division, as well as manuscripts that examine the mechanisms by which cells ensure the faithful segregation of materials during meiosis or mitosis. Additional studies investigate how signaling cascades interact to regulate mitosis in response to nutrient availability and advance our mechanistic understanding of mitosis, meiosis, and cytokinesis. We hope you enjoy re-discovering these papers with us and look forward to your feedback on social media.


mitosis, actomyosin, spindle, septin, microtubule, centrosome, actin, kinetochore, centromere, meiosis, cell division, cytokinesis

Special Collection Image
David Ribet; Serena Boscaini; Clothilde Cauvin; Martin Siguier; Serge Mostowy; Arnaud Echard; Pascale Cossart
Ricardo M. Leitao; Douglas R. Kellogg
Chih-Chia Chang; Tzu-Lun Huang; Yuta Shimamoto; Su-Yi Tsai; Kuo-Chiang Hsia
Robin Beaven; Ricardo Nunes Bastos; Christos Spanos; Pierre Romé; C. Fiona Cullen; Juri Rappsilber; Régis Giet; Gohta Goshima; Hiroyuki Ohkura
Thomas D. Pollard
Chloe E. Snider; Alaina H. Willet; Jun-Song Chen; Göker Arpağ; Marija Zanic; Kathleen L. Gould
Kuan Yoow Chan; Marisa Alonso-Nuñez; Agnes Grallert; Kayoko Tanaka; Yvonne Connolly; Duncan L. Smith; Iain M. Hagan
Subbulakshmi Suresh; Sarine Markossian; Aysha H. Osmani; Stephen A. Osmani
A.-M. Ladouceur; Rajesh Ranjan; Lydia Smith; Tanner Fadero; Jennifer Heppert; Bob Goldstein; Amy Shaub Maddox; Paul S. Maddox
Ting Gang Chew; Junqi Huang; Saravanan Palani; Ruth Sommese; Anton Kamnev; Tomoyuki Hatano; Ying Gu; Snezhana Oliferenko; Sivaraj Sivaramakrishnan; Mohan K. Balasubramanian
Scott Forth; Tarun M. Kapoor
Vanya Vasileva; Marek Gierlinski; Zuojun Yue; Nicola O’Reilly; Etsushi Kitamura; Tomoyuki U. Tanaka
Amanda C. Davis-Roca; Christina C. Muscat; Sarah M. Wignall
John S. Poulton; John C. Cuningham; Mark Peifer
José B. Gama; Cláudia Pereira; Patrícia A. Simões; Ricardo Celestino; Rita M. Reis; Daniel J. Barbosa; Helena R. Pires; Cátia Carvalho; João Amorim; Ana X. Carvalho; Dhanya K. Cheerambathur; Reto Gassmann
Shyamal Mosalaganti; Jenny Keller; Anika Altenfeld; Michael Winzker; Pascaline Rombaut; Michael Saur; Arsen Petrovic; Annemarie Wehenkel; Sabine Wohlgemuth; Franziska Müller; Stefano Maffini; Tanja Bange; Franz Herzog; Herbert Waldmann; Stefan Raunser; Andrea Musacchio
Michael S. Wheelock; David J. Wynne; Boo Shan Tseng; Hironori Funabiki
Sarah Fink; Kira Turnbull; Arshad Desai; Christopher S. Campbell
Simon D’Archivio; Bill Wickstead
Tetsuya Hori; Naoko Kagawa; Atsushi Toyoda; Asao Fujiyama; Sadahiko Misu; Norikazu Monma; Fumiaki Makino; Kazuho Ikeo; Tatsuo Fukagawa
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