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Structural Biology 2021

A collection exploring how novel structural information deepens our understanding of nuclear membrane organization after fertilization, cytoskeletal organization, autophagy machinery organization, lipid transfer, exocytic vesicle tethering and fusion with the plasma membrane, how disease-linked mutations affect the function of a membrane fusion regulator, and more.

Advances in technologies that probe the ultrastructure of cells, organelles, and proteins—including developments in cryo-electron microscopy and volume electron microscopy—are allowing cell biologists to gain new knowledge about the organization of proteins and protein complexes with increased structural resolution, providing new insights into fundamental questions in cell biology. This wide-ranging selection illustrates the breadth of insight newly accessible thanks to structural biology methods and includes cutting-edge applications of cryo-EM technology and in situ structural biology techniques to study disease and developmental processes. We look forward to seeing how cell and structural biologists collaborate to drive innovation and reach new depths of cell biological understanding in the future.

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Image © Jyrki Hokkanen, CSC—IT Center for Science, Espoo, Finland

Special Collection Image
Andreas Müller; Deborah Schmidt; C. Shan Xu; Song Pang; Joyson Verner D’Costa; Susanne Kretschmar; Carla Münster; Thomas Kurth; Florian Jug; Martin Weigert; Harald F. Hess; Michele Solimena
Landi Sun; Lihong Cui; Zhen Liu; Qixuan Wang; Zhaoyu Xue; Menghua Wu; Tianhui Sun; Decai Mao; Jianquan Ni; José Carlos Pastor-Pareja; Xin Liang
Xiaoshan Shi; Adam L. Yokom; Chunxin Wang; Lindsey N. Young; Richard J. Youle; James H. Hurley
Danielle M. Paul; Judith Mantell; Ufuk Borucu; Jennifer Coombs; Katherine J. Surridge; John M. Squire; Paul Verkade; Mark P. Dodding
Caiting Yu; Jinghua Zhao; Liming Yan; Yuanbo Qi; Xiangyang Guo; Zhiyong Lou; Junjie Hu; Zihe Rao
PeiQi Li; Joshua Aaron Lees; C. Patrick Lusk; Karin M. Reinisch
Guendalina Rossi; Dante Lepore; Lillian Kenner; Alexander B. Czuchra; Melissa Plooster; Adam Frost; Mary Munson; Patrick Brennwald
Garrett A. Greenan; Ronald D. Vale; David A. Agard
Mohammad Rahman; Irene Y. Chang; Adam Harned; Richa Maheshwari; Kwabena Amoateng; Kedar Narayan; Orna Cohen-Fix
Theresia Gutmann; Ingmar B. Schäfer; Chetan Poojari; Beate Brankatschk; Ilpo Vattulainen; Mike Strauss; Ünal Coskun
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