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Special Collection of Reviews on Cancer Cell Biology

A collection highlighting reviews discussing fundamental cell biological discoveries and how these latest advances can be harnessed therapeutically for translational development. Learn about the cellular mechanisms protecting genome stability at sites of stalled DNA replication. Read about the relationship between signaling and endocytosis in cancer, and how this can enhance cancer cell survival, migration, and proliferation. Tumor tissues exhibit altered mechanical properties - learn about the role of mechanotransduction in the activation of tumorigenic pathways and how cancer cells use both proteolytic and physical mechanisms to invade the basement membrane during cancer progression. Perturbations in cellular metabolism are ubiquitous in cancer - read about the role of one-carbon metabolism in tumorigenesis and strategies to block glutathione synthesis and utilization pathways to inhibit tumor propagation and treatment resistance, as well as the impact of metabolites on gene expression programs that promote malignancy. Finally, get an overview of immune checkpoint inhibitors and anti-mitotic therapies in cancer with posters from our Inside Look series.

We hope you enjoy this collection and look forward to your feedback on Facebook and Twitter.

Image © Elizabeth Harper

Special Collection Image
Miguel Reina-Campos; Maria T. Diaz-Meco; Jorge Moscat
Julie Chang; Ovijit Chaudhuri
Enfu Hui
Kimberly Rickman; Agata Smogorzewska
Julia Tischer; Fanni Gergely
Ankita Bansal; M. Celeste Simon
Juan Manuel Schvartzman; Craig B. Thompson; Lydia W.S. Finley
Florence Broders-Bondon; Thanh Huong Nguyen Ho-Bouldoires; Maria-Elena Fernandez-Sanchez; Emmanuel Farge
Sandra L. Schmid
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