Two mutants of Saccharomyces cerevisiae have been isolated from normal haploid MAT alpha strains and characterized as having temperature-sensitive, pleiotropic phenotypes for functions associated with mating. At the permissive temperature, 23 degrees C, they were found to behave as normal MAT alpha haploids with respect to mating efficiency, sporulation in diploids formed with MAT a strains, secretion of alpha-factor, and failure to secrete the MATa-specific products, a-factor and Barrier. At higher temperatures they were found to decline in mating and sporulation efficiency and to express the a-specific functions. Genetic analysis established that one of these mutants, PE34, carries a temperature-sensitive allele of the MAT alpha 2 gene and that the other, PD7, carries a temperature-sensitive allele of the TUP1 gene.

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