In the plasmodia of Physarum polycephalum, which show a cyclic contraction-relaxation rhythm of the gel layer, huge aggregates of entangled actin microfilaments are formed at about the onset of the relaxation (R. Nagai, Y. Yoshimoto, and N. Kamiya. 1978. J. Cell Sci. 33:205-225). By treating the plasmodia with Triton X-100, we prepared a demembranated cytoskeleton consisting of entangled actin filaments and found that the actin filaments hardly interact with rabbit skeletal myosin. From the cytoskeleton we purified a novel actin-binding protein which binds stoichiometrically to actin and makes actin filaments curled and aggregated. It also inhibits the ATPase activity as well as the superprecipitation of reconstituted rabbit skeletal muscle actomyosin. This protein has a polypeptide molecular weight of 36,000 and binds 7 mol of actin/mol 36,000 polypeptide.

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