Colchicine induces the clustering of at least three different T-lymphoma surface antigens (T200, Thy-1, and gp 69/71) into a cap structure in the absence of any external ligand. In addition, colchicine induces the intracellular accumulation of actin and myosin directly beneath the surface cap structure. We have discovered that myosin molecules (both heavy and light chains) are closely associated with the plasma membrane of T-lymphoma cells. Most importantly, we have found that the 20,000-dalton light chain of lymphocyte myosin is both phosphorylated and preferentially accumulated in the plasma membrane of colchicine-induced capped cells. It is proposed that myosin light chain is directly involved in the activation of membrane-associated actomyosin required for the collection of surface proteins into a cap structure (analogous to muscle cell sliding filament contraction).

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