A method of morphometric quantitative of the number of pseudopodia per individual basal cell and the ratio of the total cross-sectional area of the pseudopodia to the base area of the basal cell, using the transmission electron microscope, was developed. The diameters and areas of the bases of basal cells and the pseudopodia were also obtained. The number of pseudopodia per basal cell (N) and the ratio of the areas (F) measured in normal human uterine cervical epithelium were 34.22 and 0.338, respectively. The values observed in reactive atypia were 23.62 and 0.188; and those in mild dysplasia of the cervical epithelium (the earliest premalignant condition of the cervical epithelium), 26.98 and 0.226. There were statistically significant reductions in the number of pseudopodia per cell (N) and the ratio of areas (F) in the latter two pathological conditions compared to the controls. This morphometric method provides higher sensitive means by which one can quantify the characteristics of pseudopodia in various premalignant epithelia.

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