We have determined via segregation analyses from appropriate hybrids that two genes involved in protein synthesis, one encoding for a ribosomal protein (emtB) and one encoding for leucyl-tRNA synthetase (leuS), cosegregate at a very high frequency and are linked in both Chinese hamster ovary and lung cells. In contrast, the emtA locus, defined by a second complementation group of emetine-resistant mutants which also have alterations affecting protein synthesis and probably the ribosome, is not linked to leuS. In addition, we have determined that a third gene, one that can be altered to give rise to chromate resistance, is syntenic with emtB and leuS. We have selected cell lines with mutations in each of these three linked genes and have shown that the three loci cosegregate at a high frequency. Because the mutations in these three linked genes provide easily distinguishable phenotypes, these cell lines should provide a powerful tool for examining several important questions concerning mitotic recombination in somatic cells.

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