DNA synthesis has been examined in a purine-auxotrophic mutant cell line of Chinese hamster (V79 pur 1) under conditions of purine deprivation. At 6 h after the removal of purines from the growth medium, there is a decrease in semiconservative DNA replication. Alkaline velocity centrifugation of the DNA synthesized during a 1-min pulse under conditions of purine deprivation shows that approximately 50% of the newly replicated DNA is the size of Okazaki pieces. These are not incorporated into bulk DNA during a 1-h chase. If the purine supply is restored to the growth medium, these short DNA pieces are jointed to full-sized DNA within 1 h. DNA fiber autoradiolgraphy reveals a retardation in the rate of DNA replication fork movement but no apparent inhibition of initiation of synthesis on replication units within clusters actively engaged in replication. Our results indicate that purine deprivation specifically inhibits elongation of nascent dna chains.

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