Antisera to calmodulin, a Ca2%-dependent modulator protein, and a heat-labile calmodulin-binding protein have been used to localize these proteins in mouse caudate-putamen. The two proteins appear to be located at identical sites in this brain area. At the light microscopic level, calmodulin and calmodulin-binding protein are found within the cytoplasm and processes of large cells. At the electron microscopic level the proteins are associated with neuronal elements only, primarily at postsynaptic sites within neuronal somata and dendrites. Within the dendrites the immunocytochemical label is associated predominantly with the postsynaptic density and dendritic microtubules. These results are in accord with recent biochemical and immunihistochemical studies of calmodulin in brain and in dividing cells. Thus, calmodulin and the heat-labile calmodulin-binding protein may play a role in the nervous system at the site of neurotransmitter action and at the level of microtubular function.

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