The circular musculature of the guinea-pig ileum has been studied by freeze-fracture to analyze quantitatively the gap junctions (nexuses) between its smooth muscle cells. The average cell surface area and cell volume are 5,074 micron 2 and 3,260 micron 3. The packing density of nexuses is 48/1,000 micron 2 of cell surface or approximately 244/muscle cell. Nexuses range in area from less than 0.1 to approximately 1.5 micron 2 and they occupy 0.212% of the cell surface. The average packing density of intramembrane particles or pits in nexuses is approximately 7,200/micron 2 of nexal surface, indicating that there may be approximately 77,000 intercellular channels in the full complement of nexuses of one muscle cell.

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