Two forms of cellulase, buffer soluble (BS) and buffer insoluble (BI), are induced as a result of auxin treatment of dark-grown pea epicotyls. These two cellulases have been purified to homogeneity. Antibodies raised against the purified cellulases were conjugated with ferritin and were used to localize the two cellulases. Tissue sections were fixed in cold paraformaldehyde-glutaraldehyde and incubated for 1 h in the ferritin conjugates. The sections were washed with continuous shaking for 18 h and subsequently postfixed in osmium tetroxide. Tissue incubated in unconjugated ferritin was used as a control. A major part of BI cellulase is localized at the inner surface of the cell wall in close association with microfibrils. BS cellulase is localized mainly within the distended endoplasmic reticulum. Gogli complex and plasma membrane appear to be completely devoid of any cellulase activity. These observations are consistent with cytochemical localization and biochemical data on the distribution of these two cellulases among various cell and membrane fractions.

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