Sialoproteins isolated from the soluble fraction of rat liver could be incorporated into microsomal membranes. This incorporation was dependent on protein concentration, time, and temperature. Sodium dodecyl sulfate gel electrophoresis of membrane proteins after in vitro incorporation showed four major sugar-containing peaks and was similar to that found after in vivo labeling. Most of the incorporated protein was tightly bound to the microsomal membrane. Gel filtration and ion-exchange chromatography revealed the presence of several cytosolic glycoproteins that could be incorporated into microsomes. During prolonged centrifugation in a KBr solution with a density of 1.21 a highly labeled ([3H]glucosamine) protein (mole wt approximately to 70,000) that was actively incorporated into microsomes could be recovered in the upper region of the tube. These results demonstrate that several cytoplasmic glycoproteins of rat liver are transferred into microsomal membranes and that one of these is a lipoprotein.

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