Ribosomal RNAs (28 + 18S and 5S) and 4S RNA extracted from the chironomid Glyptotendipes barbipes were iodinated in vitro with 125I and hybridized to the salivary gland chromosomes of G. barbipes and Drosophila melanogaster. Iodinated 18 + 28 S RNA labeled three puffed sites with associated nucleoli on chromosomes IR, IIL, and IIIL of G. barbipes and the nucleolar organizer of Drosophila. Labeled 5S RNA hybridized to three sites on chromosome IIIR, two sites on chromosome IIR and one site in a Balbiani ring on chromosome IV of Glyptotendipes. Most of the label produced by this RNA was localized seven bands away from the centromere on the right arm of chromosome III, and we consider this to be the main site complementary to 5S RNA in the chironomid. This same RNA preparation specifically labeled the 56 EF region of chromosome IIR of Drosophila which has been shown previously to be the only site labeled when hybridized with homologous 5S RNA. Hybridization of G. barbipes chromosomes with iodinated 4S RNA produced no clearly localized labeled sites over the exposure periods studied.

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