WI-38 and HeLa cells in mitosis have been selected from fixed monolayer cultures and serially sectioned for electron microscopy. Sections perpendicular to the spindle axis permit counting of the number of microtubules at each position on the spindle axis and hence the preparation of tubule distribution profiles. Errors intrinsic to this method are discussed. The changes in the tubule distributions from one mitotic stage to another provide evidence concerning the behavior of the spindle tubules during mitosis. The ratio of the number of tubules passing the chromosomes on the metaphase plate to the maximum number in each half spindle is about 1/2. This ratio changes little in early anaphase, and then decreases in late anaphase at about the same time that a zone of increased tubule number develops at the middle of the interzone. The region where the stem bodies form contains about 3/2 the number of tubules seen elsewhere in the interzone. This ratio is almost constant as the mid-body forms in telophase and then increases to 2/1 in early interphase before the final stages of cytokinesis occur.

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