The effects of 5-hydroxyuracil (5-HU) (isobarbituric acid) upon cell elongation, mitosis, and DNA synthesis were studied in Vicia faba roots.

5-HU had no consistent effect upon root elongation. It blocked DNA synthesis (analyzed by photometric measurements of Feulgen dye in nuclei) during the first 6 hours of treatment; the block spontaneously disappeared by the 12th hour of treatment.

Uracil and thymine had no effect upon this block of synthesis. Both thymidine and uridine reversed the block in 6 and 9 hours respectively.

In all cases blockage of DNA synthesis was followed by inhibition of mitosis (determined by changes in the percentage of cells in mitosis) and resumption of DNA synthesis was followed by resumption of mitosis. Inhibition indices calculated from the mitotic data indicated a competitive relationship between 5-HU and thymidine and 5-HU and uridine.

5-HU is considered to block DNA synthesis by competing with thymidine for sites on enzymes involved in the synthesis. It is suggested that uridine reverses the block in synthesis by undergoing a conversion to thymidine.

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