Extranuclear basic proteins have been detected in the capsule of the spermatozoa of three species of decapod crustaceans (Nephrops norvegicus L., Macrura; Eupagurus bernhardus L., Anomura; Carcinus maenas Penn., Brachyura). Their properties have been studied by cytochemical methods. Their position inside the capsule of the spermatozoon has been specified with the aid of the electron microscope. Present in a constant fashion in the three species cited, their relative importance is very variable. In contrast to the refringent cone of the spermatozoon of Ascaris, which contains an acid protein, ascaradine, the capsule of the spermatozoon of the three decapod crustaceans studied contains basic proteins which we propose to designate by the general term "decapodine".

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