The fine structure of the developing spermatids and the mature sperm of Nippostrongylus brasiliensis was investigated. Immature spermatids are found at one end of the tubelike testis, and the mature sperm at the other. The spermatid has a prominent nucleus, with the chromatin clumped at the margin. It also contains a pair of centrioles, located near the nucleus. The cytoplasm is filled with ribosomal clusters, but it lacks an organized Golgi area or endoplasmic reticulum. Besides the normal mitochondria, the spermatid has specialized mitochondrionlike inclusions with dense matrix, few broad cristae, and a crystalloid structure always facing the nucleus. As spermiogenesis proceeds, the nucleus elongates, comes to lie at one end, and later evaginates to form a separate head structure, leaving the mitochondria and other cytoplasmic organelles in a broad cytoplasmic region. The nuclear material becomes filamentous and spiral, and the centrioles come to lie at one end near the junction of the head and the cytoplasmic portion of the sperm. Microtubules are found in the cytoplasmic region extending from the tubelike nucleus. The specialized mitochondria are about eighteen in number, and are arranged in rows in staggered groups of three around the microtubules in the cytoplasmic region. The mature sperm is aflagellate and lacks an acrosome. No movement of the sperm was ever observed.

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