Crown-gall tumor tissue cultures release peroxidase into the medium in response to the concentration of specific ions in the medium. This release is not due to diffusion from cut surfaces or injured cells. Calcium, magnesium, and ammonium were, in that order, most effective in increasing peroxidase release. The enzyme was demonstrated cytochemically on the cell walls and in the cytoplasm. Cell wall fractions, exhaustively washed in buffer, still contained bound peroxidase. This bound peroxidase could be released by treating the wall fractions with certain divalent cations or ammonium. The order of effectiveness for removing the enzyme from the washed cell walls is: Ca++ ≈ Sr++ > Ba++ > Mg++ > NH4+. These data support the thesis presented that specific ions can control the deposition of lignin on cell walls by affecting the peroxidase levels on these walls.

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