Vol. 218, No. 3, March 4, 2019. 10.1083/jcb.201804183.

The authors were recently alerted that some of the blot images used to generate Fig. 2 E were inaccurate and similar to images shown in Fig. 1 H, at different exposures. They contacted JCB to initiate a correction and sincerely apologize for the use of inaccurate images in Fig. 2 E due to errors during the figure preparation process. The authors provided images from existing experimental replicates for panel E to the JCB editorial office for assessment. The correction does not affect the conclusion of Fig. 2 E or any of the conclusions in the paper. The corrected version of Fig. 2 is shown here.

In addition, it came to the authors’ attention that the pH3 panels shown in A and B of Fig. S2 looked similar to one another and that the tubulin panels shown in A and C of Fig. S5 looked similar to one another. The data in the paper were double checked by the authors and the authors provided original data as well as data from replicate experiments to the JCB editorial office for assessment. The panels shown in Fig. S2, A and B, and Fig. S5, A and C, were assembled correctly. No modification of those figures is needed.

The HTML and PDF versions of this article have been corrected. The error remains only in the print version.

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