Various aspects of the ultrastructure of the dividing nuclei in the large radiosensitive amoeba Pelomyxa illinoisensis are demonstrated. Evidence of nuclear envelope breakdown is presented, and membrane fragments are traced throughout metaphase to envelope reconstruction in anaphase and telophase. Annuli in the nuclear envelope and its fragments are shown throughout mitosis. During metaphase and anaphase some 15 to 20 mitochondria are aligned at each end of the spindle, and are called polar mitochondria. The radioresistant amoebae Pelomyxa carolinensis and Amoeba proteus do not have polar mitochondria, and Pelomyxa illinoisensis is unique in this regard. The shape of the P. illinoisensis interphase nucleoli differs from that in the two radioresistant species, and certain aspects of nucleolar dissolution in the prophase vary. Helical coils in the interphase nucleoplasm are similar to those in the radioresistant amoebae. A "blister" phase in the flatly shaped telophase nuclei of P. illinoisensis is described which is interpreted to be the result of a rapid nuclear expansion leading to the formation of the normal spherical interphase nuclei.

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